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Who Is Jesus?


who is jesus book cover
By Greg Gilbert

“Here was a man who claimed to be a prophet , a savior, a king, even God himself—a man whose listeners would have been perfectly justified in chalking him as a lunatic or a charlatan if only he hadn’t kept on doing things to back those claims up!”

Greg does a masterful job of bringing some of the most complex and important truths about Jesus to the reader in an accessible way. Those who have never heard of Jesus, those who think they know Jesus, and those who do know Jesus will appreciate it greatly.


Who is Jesus? in Arabic

Our book highlight for the next several weeks will go towards 9Marks production of Who is Jesus? into Arabic. This will be produced in hardback (like here). More importantly, it will be produced in electronic form and able to be distributed more freely and discretely in Middle-Eastern contexts.

Goal: $4,000


  • Buying 2, 3, or even 5 books to give to friends. Offer to read along with them and discuss it together over lunch.
  • Contribute $100 or more for your book to support the translation into Aarabic.
  • Consider using this book as LG material to help support the translation effort
  • Consider making a generous contribution.

As always, anyone is free to take a book if they commit to read it.


Click HERE to make an online contribution to the book translation fund.