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The building that Milwood has met in for the last 29 years requires some much needed updating. This summer, our hope is to update the sanctuary and first floor of the building. The total cost of this renovation is $290,000. God has blessed us with special gifts that leave the amount needed to fundraise, in order to reach the project goal, to a total $68,000. 

Renovation Chart Project

The chart to the right shows the financial breakdown of the project and the different projects that will be completed.

Our desire is to raise the necessary funds by April 30, which would allow the project to be started after May 15. If you would like see a more information you can download the project packet here. 

If you would like to give to the renovation; you can send your gift to our office at 12217 Cassady Dr. 78729 - Mark it Renovation Fund. Entry Vestibule Rendering

View of the renovated entry way, adding glass store front and extending the foyer.

Sanctuary Rendering1

View of the sanctuary with a new stage design, paint, lighting and sound.


Be Thankful and Be Excited!
Praise God that we are financially stable enough to even discuss renovation. He has blessed us mightily! The pictures our architects have drawn for us show that we can make some significant changes to our building which will allow for greater functionality and more attractive aesthetics. It is great to see what we can do with the building which God will use to build the church!

Go directly to God and seek his will. Take a look at your finances and see how God might lead you to give. Ask, “Lord, what are you asking of me?” That said, consider the following challenges in your prayer.

Every Member Give Something
If you are a member of Milwood then do not think that your gift may be too small or insignificant. It is together that we will accomplish our fundraising goal. Don’t miss the joy of looking at our renovations and saying, “God blessed me so I could give and help make that happen.”

Give Generously
God is a giver. There have been so many who have given so much to the church over the years. We paid of our Mortgage in December, 2010. That happened because of faithful and generous giving over the years. Consider what your generous gift would mean to the generation coming behind us!

Above Your Tithe, Not in Place of It
As member of the church we expect you to make a regular tithe to the ministry of the church. We ask that you are careful not to give to the renovation in place of your regular tithe as we do have regular monthly expenses to meet. Please make your renovation giving above and beyond your regular tithe.

Spread the Word
Our church building is nearly 30 years old. Several pastors have served here and many members have worshipped hear over the years. Consider spreading the word about our renovation plans as past members of the Milwood family may want to express their gratefulness by joining in giving.

*All contributions to the renovation project are tax deductible.