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Pastoral Internship

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The purpose of the internship is to entrust the gospel to faithful men who are able to to teach others also (2 Tim 2:2). We aim to do this by exposing aspiring pastors to the regular rhythms of pastoral ministry while fine-tuning pastoral convictions and character. What is a pastor’s daily role? How does a pastor lead a church to health? How do I plan to lead through typical challenges that churches face? What should member meetings look like? What about budgeting? We want our interns to be as prepared as possible for every aspect of pastoring a local church with longevity.  



We hope, in particular, to aide pastors who are open to or desire to pastor a church in need of revitalization. We consider this to be a church which has significantly decreased in number or witness over a period of time. That said, we are eager to send pastors wherever God is leading them. 



Seminary hours can only be conferred by a seminary. Certain seminaries, such as the the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offer elective credits through various programs. It is our desire that interns receive as much credit as possible and we will work with seminaries to that end. Milwood is an approved MAP location with SBTS



Our desire is to offer an internship as a last step of preparation before pastoral ministry in a local church. We would be typically looking for men who are able to intern during seminary or immediately after completing seminary training. This internship is not the place to explore your calling, but a step in fine-tuning teaching and pastoral skills. 

Membership at Milwood. Interns will become a member of Milwood Baptist while here, going through the membership process as part of the internship. 

Insurance. Interns much purchase their own medical insurance but will be covered under employee worker compensation for any accidents in ministry during the internship. 

Housing and Stipend. Milwood will provide a monthly stipend of $1,000. Housing may be provided depending on needs and availability.  



Papers and Discussions. Interns will present two page on readings which will be discussed in the weekly intern meeting.  

Staff Meetings and Intern Discussions. Weekly meetings to discuss pastoral matters which coordinate with readings and papers.

Pastoral Ministry. As much as we are able, we want to allow our pastoral intern to participate in the ministry of the church through teaching, preaching, planning, leading member meetings, and caring for members. This will include other opportunities such as mission trips, Austin Baptist Association meetings, Austin Simeon Trust Workshop (each Spring), counseling, and others. 

Elder Meetings. Attend one of the two Elder meetings each month. 

Area Pastors. Milwood has been blessed with relationships with several healthy churches led by tenured pastors. We desire for our interns to meet with them for lunch at some point through the internship. For list of area pastors this includes contact:

Preaching and Teaching. Interns will be given teaching and preaching opportunities. 

Service Planning. Participate in planning and executing worship services.  

Discipleship. Participate in a small group or one-on-one one discipleship outside of staff an Elders. 

* The day to day routine of the intern will also depend on school, work, and internship expectations. 



Interns will not be asked to read books they have previously read. A comprehensive reading plan will be determined from among these titles at the beginning of the internship. 

  • 9Marks of a Healthy Church, Mark Dever
  • Surprising Offense of God’s Love, Jonathan Leeman
  • Church Planting is for Wimps, Mike McKinley
  • Humility, CJ Mahaney
  • Preaching and Preachers, Martin Lloyd Jones
  • 12 Challenges Churches Face, Mark Dever
  • Revitalize, Andrew Davis
  • Reclaiming Glory, Mark Clifton
  • Dangerous Calling, Paul Tripp
  • Selections from Lectures to My Students, Charles Spurgeon 
  • Hole in Our Holiness, Kevin DeYoung
  • Divided by Faith, Michael O Emerson
  • Recovering Classical Evangelicalism, Greg Thornbury
  • Selections from Polity, Mark Dever
  • Evangelism, Mack Stiles
  • Church Membership, Jonathan Leeman
  • Church Discipline, Jonathan Leeman
  • Conversion, Michael Lawrence
  • Discipleship, Mark Dever
  • Missions, Andy Johnson 
  • The Gospel, Ray Ortlund
  • Church Elders, Jeramie Rinne
  • Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons, Thabiti Anyabwile
  • The Word Centered Church, Jonathan Leeman
  • The Trellis and the Vine, Colin Marshall
  • The Pastor and Counseling, Deepak Reju
  • Selections from Give Praise to God, edited by Phil Ryken
  • Don’t Fire Your Church Members, Jonathan Leeman

*All books will be provided for the intern by Milwood Baptist.



If you or someone you know would be interested in our internship, please follow the links below:

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