Joyfully Building Up The Body of Christ For The Glory of God!


Worship with us - Sundays at 10:30am



Preschool Staff

Toddlers 12 - 18 months (2:6 Ratio)

Loretta Mach

Rachael Munger

Toddlers 18 - 24 months (2:10 Ratio)

Marsha Blackstock

Ashley Vela

Two Year Olds (2:10 Ratio)

Bonny Bussey

Erica White

Older Two Year Olds (2:12 Ratio)

Janelle Journeay

Silvana Marra

Three Year Olds (2:12 Ratio)

Phyllis Reavis

Patty Winking

Katrina Busick

Mariana Raley

Four Year Olds (2:14 Ratio)

Julie Wolsieffer

Shelley Scott

BJ Montgomery

Megan Smith


Jean Wahl

Assistant Director

Jill Moore


Christy Bunce