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Living Faith - Sermon Series in James

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What does faith look like in our lives? Faith in the Lord Jesus leads to counter intuitive living. For example, the first instruction in the book of James is to consider trials and suffering a pure joy. Huh? You sure, James?

The book of James is often viewed as one long list of works and instructions. But James is a book about living faith. He is both defining true faith and "living faith" and teaching us how to live our faith. He says, “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead” (2:26). Much like Jesus’ sermon on the mount, James teaches Christians what faith looks like lived out. 

James makes the case that saving faith is a living faith and a living faith is a working faith. 

A faith that can consider suffering and trials a joy is a powerful joy. Do not be mistaken by thinking that James is putting burdens on the Christian’s shoulders. No, James is teaching what life can be like when one is transformed by the power of God through faith in Jesus Christ.  


How can I get the most out of the preaching series? 


  1. Attend Regularly // We ought to already be motivated to regularly gather with the church for mutual building up. But a new sermon series may be a helpful way to recommit to being there every week. James, like any other book, is a web of truth and instruction. It all goes together. Every text is help in understanding the rest of the book. 
  2. Grab an ESV Scripture Journal // Crossway has produced journals which include a page of the biblical text next to a blank page. This is useful for keeping important notes next to relevant passages in a designated journal. These are available now with $5 suggested donation at bookstall in back of sanctuary. 
  3. Grab Lunch With Someone Weekly // Ask someone to have lunch with you on a regular basis to discuss the sermon text and how it applies to your life. This will help in listening each week and growing as a disciple of Christ. 
  4. Read Ahead Each Week // Every Friday we send out an email with our sermon text and a highlight verse. Do you get that? If not, let us know at This weekly email is meant to help you prepare to hear and apply God's word when we gather by beginning your mediation on the sermon text early. 
  5. Read James // Before the series begins take time to read through the book as a whole. Read it in one setting without stopping! Meditate on it. Dwell on it. Pray from it. Write down questions that arise.