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Izzy El-Ubaydy


My name is Izzy El-Ubaydy and I’ve lived in Austin for about 13 years. I’m the Pastoral Assistant at Milwood.

I came to confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior 4 years ago in January 2011. I was 17 and a sophomore at the time when a dear friend and mentor shared the Gospel with me. The Holy Spirit worked in my heart to realize the truth which is God’s grace, the need to repent of my sins and believe in Jesus’ life, death, and sin-defeating resurrection.

In previous years I have been a part of a few ministries where I would teach scripture, disciple and lead the youth. Through many prayers, listening and discerning how the Holy Spirit is leading, through those ministry opportunities and the affirmations of the people that lead them I believe I’ve felt God call me to be a pastor. I am currently being discipled by Nathan and Alex in search of and to affirm that call.