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Fall Fest HELP

We are so excited to see our parking lot filled with families from our neighborhood. I hope you will keep the Fall Fest and all of our guest in your prayers for the next 24 hours. Our hope and prayer is for the fun and games to lead to gospel conversations and transformation. Would you join us in praying for that?


There are a few areas that we still need your help with. Read the list below and if you can help please reply to RANDY if you can help.  



1. We need at least 9 volunteers to work an hour shift watching the inflatable games. This is EXTREMELY important, because the more safe and cared for the families feel, the better their experience at Fall Fest.

2. We need help setting up tables and chairs. This can be done anytime on Monday, but needs to be done by 5:30pm.

3. We also need halogen light stands and extension cords. Please mark them with your name.

4. We need people willing to clean up and check trash cans during Fall Fest.

5. If you are willing to do whatever is needed, you can show up and find me and we will get you plugged in.


Thanks again for all the candy donations. As you think about it, pray for Fall Fest and all those that will be in our parking lot.