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“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy said, then turning around in dismay, “we must be over the rainbow.” Truth was, in that moment, Dorothy had no idea where she was. Dorothy’s line is used often when someone feels out of place or feels far from home. 

Christians today are increasingly feeling like, “we’re not in Kansas anymore”. Our culture is changing rapidly and issues that people face today are increasingly complex, it seems. More than ever individuals are questioning their gender and legislations are questioning several millennia of gender norms. “Intolerance” is a word that will stir up any conversation. What about the age old question of God’s existence? And what about all the reproductive technologies available today? Are they good? Helpful? Right? What about dying? Is physical assisted death an honorable death? 

Most importantly, we want to work through this Biblically to find the truth of God’s word. And as importantly, we want to equip Christians to think critically about these issues so to be able to speak the hope of the gospel with those we encounter. Christians ought to be prepared and equipped to engage our culture! 

We start October 8th. See you then! 

8 - The Gospel and Our Culture Series: Ethics of Life and Dying
15 - The Gospel and Our Culture Series: Reason for God
22 - The Gospel and Our Culture Series: Gender Identity 
29 - The Gospel and Our Culture Series: Intolerance
5 - The Gospel and Our Culture Series: God in the Workplace