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Don Courtney


Ever since I can remember I heard about Jesus. A godly mother, grandmother, other family members, godly neighbors and friends, all living for Jesus and praying that the lost would be saved. It was a “Golden Age.” People called it the “Bible Belt.” I felt the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit calling me to salvation very early in my life.

At my church (First Baptist Church, Jasper, Texas), I always knew that after the “Preaching of the Word” there would be an invitation given for those who wanted to accept Jesus as their “personal savior” to come forward and profess Him publicly.

Being a little timid I always dreaded that time. I didn’t want to go down to the front of the church before all the people. The invitation hymn would be sung, people praying, glances at me from people who had been praying for my salvation, urging me to go down to the front. I would grip the back of the pew and in my heart fighting the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Then at age 9, I walked down the aisle, let go and let Jesus have my life. I told the Pastor (Brother Happy Ingram) and all the people “I want to repent of my sins and accept Jesus as my personal savior and Lord.” I did that, and Jesus saved me. And all the people said “AMEN!”