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From Calvary to Capitol Hill

Psalm 22:28
“For kingship belongs to the Lord,
He rules over the nations.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “To speak of the world without speaking of Christ is empty and abstract. The world is relative to Christ, no matter whether it knows it or not.” As we think over the future of our nation and engage in this political season our thoughts must be judged per their relativity to Jesus. He rules over the nations.

This series is not about parties, it is not about presidential candidates, it is not about manipulating your vote. It is about emboldening the church through the supremacy of Jesus Christ. You will hear sermons based on these four subjects:

- Fearfulness
- The Use of Freedom
- Morality in America
- Persecution of the Church

This is a season where political voices often cascade over each other and sound like noise. I hope you will join us for each of these vastly important messages to get beyond the noise and hear truth from God’s word.

--Sr. Pastor Nathan Loudin