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Presentation of Amended By-Laws


 Dear Milwood Baptist,

It has been a pleasure working with our Deacons in the restructuring of our By-Laws. I thank God for the Deacons, the trust they have placed in me, and the opportunity to lead this church in this manner! The restructuring of the By-Laws has been on the table for several years now. It's great to see it coming before the congregation and I think the process will be edifying and unifying for us. It will be the end of a long process and a great beginning at once. Below are the planned dates for preaching and presentation of By-Laws in 2013.

For His Glory,

Pastor Nathan


January 13-27: Preaching

January 27: Intro of By-Laws and Explanation in Church Family Meeting

  • Church Family Meeting (special-called business meeting) to go through the presented By-Laws line by line

February 17: Questions and Amendments by Body in Church Family Meeting

  • Members can ask questions for clarification or understanding
  • Members can make recommendations for amendments in presented By-Laws
  • Any recommendations will come in form of a motion to amend presented By-Laws, after a second time there will be a vote on the amendment by those present in the meeting
  • If amendments are made, final voting day will be changed

February 24: Church Vote to Amend By-Laws

  • Church will vote on By-Laws as presented by Deacons if no amendments were made in February 17 meeting. If changes were made by congregation, the final vote date will likely be moved