Joyfully Building Up The Body of Christ For The Glory of God!


Worship with us - Sundays at 10:30am



Building Blocks

Sundays, 9:30 - 10:15 AM


What are Building Blocks?

Building Blocks are 45 minute seminar-like Bible studies for building up the body of Christ. They emphasize training in doctrine and equipping for ministry.


When Should I Arrive?

Try to arrive on the church grounds at 9:15. This gives you time to check-in your children if you need, grab a cup of coffee, or catch up with others. Blocks will start promptly at 9:30 AM.


What Building Blocks are Happening Now?

These are the Building Blocks happening in Quarter 4- 2018, September 23 - December 16


- Remaining faithful when God seems absent
Esther is the only book in the Bible that does not contain a name for God. Nevertheless, His fingerprints are everywhere if we look for them.  We will walk through the story of Esther looking for the evidence of God's working, learn from the faithfulness of Esther and her cousin Mordecai, and see how those lessons apply to our lives today.

Location: Fellowship Hall (1st floor)- Led by Steve Dobblestein

Simeon Trust Principal 
An introduction to the Bible Study methods of Simeon Trust foundation which includes hands-on practice in the block. This is a great tool for growing in your ability to understand and apply the word of God. 

Location:  2nd Floor office- Led by Nathan Loudin


Women’s Study in Ephesians

"The believers in Ephesus are attempting to live by the power of the Holy Spirit, but they are immersed in an evil culture and surrounded by pagan ways. They are discouraged and need a reminder of God's grace and love, the blessings they have in Jesus Christ, and their commitment to holiness. Join us as we examine Paul's letter of encouragement and receive a refresher course in gospel doctrine. We'll be reminded of our continual need for God's help and that everything good we enjoy is an expression of His great love."

Location: Conference Room (2nd Floor)-Led by Colette Loudin and Lacy Bowman


Youth Block (6th-12th Grade)

Jesus in the Old Testament - 3rd Floor

The Old Testament Scriptures spoke of Jesus, but many did not recognize Him and believe Him when He came.  This block focuses on OT Scriptures that addressed Messiah's timing, location, character and activities and how Jesus was the fulfillment of these Scriptures.  All are welcome.  Contact Brian for more detail


** If you are new to Milwood and you are interested in attending a Building Block or have questions, please contact and someone will get back to you! We would be glad to have you!