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Awana Missions Month

The month of February is Awana Missions Month. We will be running a Verse-A-Thon and the kids will need your help in obtaining sponsors and we will need you as Bible verse listeners. All of the money raised will go to the Awana International MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Region for the sole purpose of reaching Arabic speaking churches in United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is an exciting opportunity because we will be breaking new ground in the UAE and it supports our Unreached People Groups (UPG) initiative!

There is no greater reward than to reach into a child's life and create a change. The changes we make in children's lives today will last for all eternity. It is only through the Heavenly Father that this can happen, however YOU can play a part in this transformation process. Money raised during Missions Month will be used to reach children with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through the support of training and equipping of Awana leaders.

This video is a combination of three shorter videos, Fun, Learn & Share, all rolled into one. These videos are designed, not just to entertain, but to encourage discussion about Awana Clubs in other countries. “Fun” features Game Time images in other countries, including poor and rural communities. “Learn” shows a glimpse into the a club’s Large Group Time as well as the new Leader Based Training leaders are getting internationally. And with “Share” you can watch and listen to kids recite their memory verses, including the Nepali and Russian languages.

Here are the Verse-A-Thon instructions:

Like a "jog-a-thon", pledges are collected for verses recited from memory (helps are allowed). Come join in on the fun!

Who? . . . Sparks and T&T clubbers

Why? . . . to help change the ending for children and families in the UAE

How? . . . Verses must come from your current Entrance booklet or handbook. (This is each verse, not section and can be from anywhere in your current handbook including sections you have already passed.) Decide the number of verses you want to quote, then type or write down the verses and references on the back of your Tracking Sheet. Use this as your study sheet so they are ready to recite on the designated club night.

Pledges . . . find sponsors among family, neighbors, and friends; request a pledge per verse or a fixed amount for your performance on Verse-a-Thon night. The goal would be to have ten (10) or more sponsors. Record the pledges on your Verse-a-Thon Sponsor sheet.

When . . . Sunday, February 17, 2013 , during Awana Club night.
Be prepared to recite your verses from memory (with helps according to Awana guidelines)!

Collect Pledges. . . from sponsors at sign-up or after the event. Funds are due Sunday, March 3, 2013.
Whether you know 5, 50, or 100 verses, we want all to participate! So take the challenge and see what you know. You'll be surprised!

It is important that the clubbers start working on setting their verse goals and gathering sponsors now! Please print out the Verse-a-Thon Tracking and Sponsor sheets to get started. We will have both sheets available to handout at club as well so clubbers can work on their goals during handbook time if they want. There will be contests (between Sparks and T&T) for:

  • Reciting the most verses
  • Collecting the most pledges (the number of pledges, NOT the most money)