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Planted in 1985, Milwood Baptist is located in the area now known as the “2nd Downtown” of Austin, TX. Our church purpose is joyfully building up the body of Christ for the glory of God, which we accomplish by making and maturing disciples. To serve Christ in our church purpose, we are looking for a biblically-qualified pastor to lead in two areas of ministry — family discipleship and worship. 

  1. Student Ministry
    Student ministry has ebbed and flowed through our church’s history just as it has in greater western evangelicalism. While much has changed in the culture and context around us, the word of God and the hope of the gospel remain unaltered. 

    We seek a pastor to oversee Jr. High and Sr. High students' spiritual formation and to guide parents through the unique challenges of teenage years in a postmodern culture. Key qualities for this role are the enjoyment of student discipleship, organization and leadership skills, and the desire and ability to equip parents for discipleship in the home. 

  2. Worship Leader
    In a worship leader, we are seeking someone who is able to contextualize our convictions of congregational worship. The heart of worship in the local church is the voices of the saints raised from gospel-tuned and Spirit-filled hearts. Hearing one another sing to the Lord and to each other brings praise to God, encouragement to each other, and displays the joy of Christ to the lost. We are sensible to encouraging forms of music for our congregation and the unique context of our city. Austin is known as the “Live Music Capitol of the World” and we seek to express our congregational convictions in a manner which resonates with our neighbors, guests, and the dominant generations moving to Austin.

Forbes has rated Austin the 8th fastest growing city in the country. Tech is a leading industry in city growth, and the Domain/Northwest Austin area is the cultural center for that growth. This means Milwood Baptist is in a highly strategic location for reaching the next generation of families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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This is a full-time position. An expected start date for position is sometime around December '18 or January '19. 

For His Glory,
Members of Milwood Baptist Church

 *This post will remain updated through the search process.