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Alex Sosler


At a young age, I remember sitting in church thinking about heaven and hell. Would I go to heaven? “Well, there’s worse people out there. I feel like I’m a pretty good kid. So, yeah. I should make it in heaven.” This was the gospel I believed: I was good enough.

It wasn’t until late in middle school that I realized this was not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the faithful witness of an older friend, I realized Jesus was not just some nice guy who was a good example, so we should follow Him. The true Jesus that the Bible talks about made my friend different. The Gospel he talked about was this: I was not good enough. No one was or is. No one can be. Except one man. His name is Jesus. He was perfect.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is that Jesus loves you, and so He died for you. He bore mankind's curse on a cross due to our impurity, sin, flaws, and corruption. And good news: Jesus rose from the dead. This dead man is now alive again. The grave could not hold Him. He conquered sin and death on our behalf. And now, if you believe this message and turn from your sin, He gives you His own purity, righteousness, and goodness before God. So when we think about heaven and hell, we can be assured that we will live forever with God in heaven. But it’s not because of my goodness or anything I have done. It’s based solely on the finished work of Jesus. He achieved it all for me.

This is the true Gospel. It’s the gospel I believed, and this is the gospel for you.